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Vastlands January Update

Discussion in 'Archived Announcements' started by LaMiNaTionzZ, Jan 14, 2018.

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  1. LaMiNaTionzZ

    LaMiNaTionzZ Admin Staff Member Admin Staff Management

    Howdy guys!

    It's finally here - Vastlands brand new major update. We've added a ton of awesome new game modes. We're extremely excited to bring this update to you guys.

    ▶ What's new in this update
    • Added BedWars Gamemode
    • Added Duels Gamemode
    • Added Skyblock Gamemode
    • All previous ranks for SkyCastia has been merged into Vastlands*1
    ▶ Bug Fixes
    • Fixed lag spikes
    • Games will now send you back to the lobby if an error occured
    • Fixed a bug where it wouldn't send you to a new game
    • /sell has been fixed for premium players (on skyblock)
    • Fixed island list GUI for skyblock
    • Punishment command for staff has been fixed
    ▶ Future Updates

    We all understand how you all love SkyBlock, we're pushing to fix all the bugs and add new things to that minigame. We've got a big update coming very soon to Vastlands. Follow our twitter @VastLandsMC and join our discord group Discord.Vastlands.net

    Remember Play On!

    *1 - If for some reason you did not recieve your rank fill out a Purchase Support Ticket
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