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Vanilla's beta application

Discussion in 'Apply for Beta Tester' started by vanilla, Nov 16, 2018.

  1. MCPE Username:Vanillayamillah
    VastLands Rank: Legend
    Discord Username:ineedu#0690
    Why should you be a beta-tester?:i've been playing vastlands way before even the big update. i really want to help vastlands and watch it grow into the big community it once was.
    Have you applied for any other applications in the past? no i have not
    How long have you been playing on VastLands?:Since last year of September but it shut down for awhile
    You agree that you will try your best to help: yes i agree
    Timezone: MST (UTC−07:00)
    Do you play on VastLands on Window 10, or PE: I play on PE. Sometimes on my laptop

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