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Official Trainee Application - Frequently Asked Questions

Discussion in 'Apply for Staff' started by Andre, Aug 12, 2017.

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    Trainee application - Frequently Asked Questions

    This thread aims to answer all the questions that you may have about applying. It does not include tips in writing your application. We decided with a new application format we would update old guides to ensure they have the most relevant information.

    Note: All correspondence about the applications is handled via the forums. We will not respond to queries about your application on discord or on the server.


    What is a Trainee?
    Trainees on the server from the front line of player support. Their role is to help and assist players by answering questions, explaining how to use the server and act as a rule enforcer where needed. And it's the basic start rank that helps you to moderate VL.

    What are the requirements to apply for Trainee?
    There are four things you need in order to apply for Trainee. There are no exceptions made to these rules:
    1. You need to have access to Discord (and or a) and a working microphone.
    2. You must not be staff on any other server or network
    3. Must be active on the forums!
    Please note that if you post an application knowing that you do not meet the requirements your application will be locked and not responded to. This does not include those who are clearly unaware of our rules.

    How do I apply for Trainee?
    Step 1:
    Copy the Application format found HERE
    Step 2: Start a new thread in the Application section HERE
    Step 3: Title thread: Trainee application - IGN
    Step 4: Paste and fill in the Application format with your responses
    Step 5: Post thread and await response from Application team
    If you are unsure how to make a thread look HERE

    How do I apply for Moderator and above?
    You cannot apply for Moderator on the forums. All members of staff begin as Trainee and

    What happens after I post an application? How long does it take to get a response?
    After your application has been posted it is looked at by a member of the Application team. Once it has been reviewed it will be locked and you will receive a private message on the forums letting you know whether you have been successful or not in your application.

    We try our best to respond to applications within 2-3 days. Depending on how busy we are and how many applicants we have received, it may take up to a week before you receive a response.

    I posted an application but I haven’t received a reply?
    Please give the Application team 7 days to respond to your application. If more than 7 days have passed and you have not received a reply, then please private message one of the Owners.

    Please do not include more than one of us in this conversation.

    I messaged an Application team member and I haven’t received a reply, what do I do?
    Application team members get a lot of messages on the forums so please allow up to 10 days before you bump the conversation. Particularly for more complex messages that require lengthy responses.

    One message is enough to alert us that we have a personal message in our inbox. Please do not bump conversations daily or spam our walls telling us you have sent us a message, we will respond.

    If I apply and get denied, when can I reapply?
    You will be told in your denial message when you can re-apply, this is normally 1 week after you posted your latest application. Please note if you apply before this you will be instantly denied and made to wait another month.

    Does it matter how many times I have applied and been denied?
    Not necessarily, you are free to apply as many times as you like. However, if you have posted a significant amount of applications and still seem to not be getting anywhere; we would recommend taking the time to completely re-evaluate your application and try to change it up in line with our tips and advice.

    I have posted so many applications and I keep getting the same response. What should I do?
    We are always open to people asking us further questions. However, sometimes we find that people are so angry about a copy and paste message that they are blinded to the fact that it contains a lot of wisdom that is based on years of experience reading applications on the Vastlands Network.

    It is beneficial to be self-aware of your skills and experiences and how they fit with the Trainee role as this makes the transition between player and Trainee much easier. It is not our job to spoon feed you the answers to your application. They are supposed to be a reflection of your skills, your passion, your personality and most importantly a demonstration of why you are capable of taking on the Trainee role.

    If you are still receiving the same message then it is because it is still relevant to you. I would suggest you read both our response and your application and adopt the mindset of: “If I didn’t know myself would this application be sufficient to show that I have the skillset to be a Trainee”?

    Please do not rage at us in a personal message if you receive the same reply. All this will do is push you further away from the Trainee position as it demonstrates your inability to take feedback well.

    How much “personal detail” am I meant to include in my application?
    What you chose to tell us is completely up to you and we would never want to force a player into telling us things that they aren't comfortable sharing.

    By personal we don’t mean your real name or real contact details. What we mean is if you say for example "I have been student council president" or "I have been staff on X server" tell us what that means to you. Tell us how you learned from that experience, what skills did it help you develop that you think would be useful in a role as Trainee on Vastlands. Tell us if you ever had any difficulties in these situations and how you dealt with them and overcame them.

    The biggest thing we want to know is why you write the things you do, I see so often players telling us they did something and not telling us why that is important for us to know. Why does this show you will make a good Trainee?

    I have been banned/muted before, will that hurt my chances of getting Trainee?
    Your reputation on the server will have an impact on your application. As a Trainee, you are put in a position of authority on the server. We have found that Trainee that have quite a negative reputation on the server struggle a lot more with situational handling because of the backlash they get from the community.

    That being said we don’t instantly deny people for having infractions on the server if they are honest and can prove that they have matured since then. We background check all applicants and if you fail to tell us about infractions on the server it could mean instant denial.

    Do I need to be active on the forums to be able to apply?
    The short answer is no. It is recommended that you are aware of how our forums work. However, we are aware that every person has their own version of activity on the Network. For some, it is on the forums and for others, it is in the game.

    Do I have to have certain game stats to become a Trainee?
    We do not set out that you have to have X amount of wins in all game types. However, we do require you to be an active member of the community. Which means if you have little to no experience of any game on our server, you will most likely be asked to get more involved in the community before you re-apply. The reason being is that a large part of the Trainee role is to welcome new players to the server, show them around and answer questions. This is difficult to do if you have no experience of the Network itself.

    If I become a Trainee can I still play games?
    Yes, Trainees are still able to play games on the network. Most Trainees are able to find a happy medium between playing games and helping out.

    Why has this FAQ been locked? What if I have a question that isn’t on here?
    This FAQ has been locked as we believe the majority of questions have been answered by this thread. We found in the previous FAQ there were 100 pages of the same type of questions because people didn’t read the first post. We also found that sometimes people were guessing at Application team responses which were not 100% correct. This lead to some applicants getting false information, which we want to avoid.

    Do you have any tips for applying?
    Any useful tips & tricks with Trainee applications have been added to THIS thread created by the Applications team.
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