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Official The VAST UPDATE

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Andre, Sep 28, 2019.

  1. Andre

    Andre Owner/Development Lead Staff Member Owner

    Howdy, everyone!

    Since the release of Duels, I've been working on something new, for you guys.
    Let's start off by introducing the basics of this update that I am releasing.

    ▶ Rank
    We're introducing a new rank on VastLands, that doesn't change nor affect existing ranks.
    How does that work? What's the rank name? What does it come with?

    Okay, first of all,

    The rank is a monthly subscription of `$4.99/m`
    Subscribing to it requires you having `TITAN`.

    ▶ Why should you subscribe? ❤️

    Introducing this rank allows you guys to constantly support us by paying a monthly price, which means that we will be able to pay any expenses related to VastLands at ease,
    showing love for VastLands.
    Of course, the rank has some stuff that is exclusive. (More information above)

    ▶ How can I subscribe to the VAST rank?

    Just head over to Shop.VastLands.net and navigate
    to the ranks section, and press "Buy" near the "VAST"
    section. You must have "TITAN" prior before
    subscribing to the "VAST" rank!

    ▶ Introducing VLand

    Ready to create your own VLand? A private world, always online for you and for your friends!


    VLand is a bit like realms, but better! You have no limitations on slots,
    other fellow VastLanders can join, and you're able to customize it how you want it.
    Take it like this, your own, personal, private server that anyone can access (that is - only if you allow them to). You have full control over it, creative mode and ignite some TNTs? Go ahead, we're not stopping you! It's your VLand, and you own it! Make up your own rules, enforce it, boom! it's your own personal server

    You can join a VLand or create one (if you're subscribed to the VAST rank) by heading
    to any of our lobbies, and looking the "VLand" NPC, right near spawn!

    Also, if your VLand attracts a lot of fellow players, it'll appear with a POPULAR
    tag, like mines, just did.


    Look at me! I'm inside of my own VLand server like I said, I enjoy blowing stuff up!
    Why not?

    Oh wow! An Admin showed up out of nowhere!
    Oh well, it's my VLand..... Why should I care?


    Haha! Since it's my VLand, new rule! #1, all admins are criminals.
    Thus, must be thrown in jail


    Okay... enough of that, but really, TLDR: you fully own it

    ▶ What else does the VAST rank come with?
    1. Access to +6 new pets!
    2. Up to 16 name color changes
    3. BETA Access! You'll gain the ability to test stuff out before it goes out into production,
    that includes features, game modes, etc. You'll receive screenshots also.

    ....(and)... You can see some others via our shop, just navigate to

    ▶ Other light changes across the Network

    First of all, I've changed the voter kit a bit, instead of it giving out 8 steaks, it will now include 12.
    It will also give out 3 VCrates.

    ▶ Forum stuff
    We're back to using this forum, as discord limits the number of characters you can send a single
    message, there's no limit on here. Hence why we're here.

    A Ton of bug fixes was made to the forum, also, don't forget to link your forum account
    with your discord, so that your rank syncs in here.

    One of our admin, Lam, made a thread briefly about it.
    Go check it out here

    Don't forget to register an account on here! :)

    ▶ Other stuff

    We're always working on releasing new stuff and taking feedbacks from you guys.
    For example, Prison, we still have an update for that, but we don't have a release planned yet.
    We've been looking at the bug list, and fixing all of them, and we will roll out an update fixing them all soon, but furthermore, the reason I have not released any update to prison yet that fixes some bugs is that I have to make sure it actually fixes it, but another thing why I am actually happy about this update is for the fact that I introduced the VAST rank, which means, they're also, able to help test out newly added games that are not yet in production, or just simple bug tests. Which is extremely crucial. You shouldn't want me to push an update to fix a bug when it doesn't actually fix it right?

    Just hang tight! Patience is the key! I'm always working 24/7 on VastLands, doing fixes, working in the background, and constantly reading the suggestion channel and taking some stuff on there and actually implementing it. As you can see, most of the updates that have to do with Prison, included some of the suggestions that you guys suggested to us. I 100% think that community feedback/suggestions are important, and it helps to make VastLands a better place for all of us!

    In conclusion, I would like to thank all the VastLands team for all they have done.

    And also... thanks to all the PREMIUM players, and those who choose to subscribe to the new VAST rank!

    The first 10 people that get the VAST rank will receive an "EARLY SUPPORTER" role in our forum,
    and also in our DISCORD.

    Thank you all! ❤️

    Discord: Discord.VastLands.net
    Twitter: @VastLandsMC

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