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Official The Return of VastLands

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Assassind312, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. Assassind312

    Assassind312 Owner/Managing Director Staff Member Owner

    Why hello there, fellow VastLands players!

    I know it has been quite a while since you’ve heard from us officially here on our forums or on Discord. First off, I’m Assassind312, one of the Owners and Managing Director of VastLands! It is unlikely that you know me as of now - that’s because, well, I’ve been working behind-the-scenes for quite some time now on a variety of projects for VastLands! To quickly introduce myself, I’ve been a part of the MCPE community since 2015 and have been a fairly active member ever since. Along the way, I’ve had the opportunity to gain experience as a staff member in many different servers, from small to big, startup to some of the biggest servers in Minecraft. I’m beyond excited to be working (officially) in helping to make VastLands provide the very best experience for you! I’m going to be working my hardest to do just that, primarily working behind-the-scenes to produce content that is going to maintain VastLand’s reputation of being a very fun and unique network. We have a truly amazing team and are very much excited and dedicated for the future and success of Vastlands - we hope you are too!

    Now that the boring part is over, I’m sure you’re all eager to hear what we have planned for the future of VastLands. I am thrilled to announce that development of our newest game mode, factions, is well underway! We have been working hard this past month in designing and developing some great content for you all to enjoy! You can expect an entirely re-written and custom factions experience like no other Bedrock server out there. We can also promise that moving forward, we will strive to provide the utmost transparency and dedication toward the improvement and continuous development of VastLands. Further, all player ranks will most definitely be restored. We have so much in store for you and we can’t wait to share it all with you in the very near future!

    Keep an eye on our social media accounts, and if you aren’t already, be sure to join our VastLands Official Discord at discord.vastlands.net
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  2. Hype!Looking forward to the release
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  3. DarkLord648

    DarkLord648 Newbie

    Yay Vastlands
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  4. AquaOwlie

    AquaOwlie Community Managment Admin Staff Member Admin Community Management

    We are very excited for the return!
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  5. FusionAstroYT

    FusionAstroYT Newbie

    I was on twitter and saw this. I may have to buy Minecraft again XD
    If you ever saw me on Vast, it was mostly Factions. Who’s ready for FusionSquad to return
  6. LaMiNaTionzZ

    LaMiNaTionzZ Admin Staff Member Admin Staff Management

    It'd be great for some teams to be apart of Vastlands at the launch.
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  7. c001 br0, c4n't w41t
  8. MTwinz

    MTwinz Newbie

    Yes, i can wait into the release of the 2.0 Vastlands! See yah soon!
  9. MTwinz

    MTwinz Newbie

    Ayyy papy welcome to the family
  10. [​IMG]

    Thanks for Welcomeing me Modding

  11. MTwinz

    MTwinz Newbie

    No problem papy enjoy ur stay at the Hotel

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