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March's Updates

Discussion in 'Archived Announcements' started by Andre, Mar 24, 2017.

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  1. Andre

    Andre Owner/Development Lead Staff Member Owner

    Hey there! ​
    For the following month(s). We've been adding new updates, and mostly suggestions that was submitted by you guys, we've also fixed a ton of bugs on Vastlands.​

    Lobby updates
    1. TNT Cool down reduced, we felt like 20 seconds was too harsh, so we reduced it to 5 seconds.
    2. We've added a new chat system, which blocks spammers, and you can't send the same message twice to avoid spam. But again, If you have a rank, you can bypass it.
    3. Added Music Box - As a cosmetic (march 5)
    4. Treasure messages now appear as a TIP, instead of a message (causes too much spam!)
    ▶ Murder Mystery updates

    1. Fixed spectator bug
    2. Performance changes, games is more smoother
    3. Added sandbox to the waiting lobbies.
    4. Leader board system added
    5. Added the ability to (go back to lobby) by right clicking the bed which is located in your hot bar
    ▶ Everything else

    1. We've added a new Administration command system, which does a lot of things, and helps Vastlands staff deal with players, reports, mutes, bans, and more.
    What can I do to help you?

    If you found a bug or exploit, you can always report it here (forum.vastlands.net) at the appropriate of course, on Vastlands, we care about your suggestions, and ideas. That's mainly why you can now make suggestions about new game modes, features, and lot more! The forum purpose is to serve & help you guys, and to make Vastlands a better place! To continue, you can support us by also buying ranks, perks, and other various things at Shop.Vastlands.net ~ all purchases towards Vastlands shop is being used to make Vastlands a more (improved server). We're expanding and growing everyday, with the help of you guys, we can expand even more.

    Follow us on twitter: @VastlandsMC​

    Thank you,
    xZeroMCPE ~ Owner \ Lead Developer of VastlandsMC

    I, and the rest of Vastlands would like to thank you, for your part of contribution

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  2. Andre please help me I'm devastated I'm new to the server today and I've been working hard all morning I had 4 stacks of logs ten diamonds and a starter kit so I was really proud (this is on prison) I was building my plot and I needed sand so I asked if u could get it ...so someone told me to tp to there friends plot so I did and when I got there they told me to come in so I did but it was a trap and there was a giant hole so that I would fall to my death and they got all my stuff :( I'm considering leaving now and telling all my friends to not go on the server if this is happening.... it's a shame really as earlier I had met some rlly nice people who had helped me get started.... if you reply then I know you are bothered and i will tel u there usernames....they laughed at me and said you would do nothing so I hope you prove them wrong and you are a kind person....


    Btw sorry if this is in the wrong place I don't understand where to post in your forum.
  3. Andre is pretty busy with bug fixes, and testing/developing new games for the server. So I'll be responding instead. From what I heard from the staff member who frequents on Prison the most, Trapping & Scamming are allowed. I'm sorry to hear that unfortunately, this has happened to you, but there's nothing to punish if they didn't do anything against the rules. However, if you message me the IGNs of the players who "laughed at you", and if you tell me exactly what they said, they may be punished for a small amount of time for going against chat rules (that is... if they were cyber-bullying you).
    Once again, we apologize for the misfortune that came upon you, and we hope you reconsider your descision on leaving. Thanks.

    Reporting players is to be reported in the "Report Section". Message me the IGNs in Private Message. THREAD LOCKED.
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