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For factions

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Ideas' started by Satan, Sep 22, 2018.

  1. Satan

    Satan Newbie

    Server: faction
    Suggestion Title: blaze spawners, potions, /pvp and /sell hand
    Description: add blaze spawners, have a potion shop where you can buy potions, make a command that allows players to pvp eachother for money without the whole fac fighting to with /pvp, make it so if you do /sell hand it makes all the items like the one your holding in your hand sell at the same time with /sell hand
    Why would that be useful?: for fun and comfort
  2. Satan

    Satan Newbie

    Hope these suggestions can help improving the server and make it more fun
  3. Assassind312

    Assassind312 Owner/Managing Director Staff Member Owner


    Thanks so much for these suggestions! I definitely can agree with you on adding blaze spawners; you may just see them added in a future update! As for the /pvp idea, we actually have already had something in mind very similar to this for some time now. Recently, we've implemented something similar, faction battles, where you can battle against other factions to gain money. We may do something like this, and like you said, but in the form of 1vs1 where you earn power level.

    Regardless, we really appreciate you sending in these suggestions, and you may just see some of these things in the future. Have a great day/night!
  4. I think that's a good idea satan:)
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