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Official Factions: Season 1 is LIVE!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Assassind312, Sep 1, 2018.

  1. Assassind312

    Assassind312 Owner/Managing Director Staff Member Owner

    Hello everyone,

    We've been working to push our Season 1 Update for factions, and today it's finally here! This thread will display a list of features added, along with the adjustments & fixes we've made.

    Features Added:
    • Faction Battles: Use /f battle to battle it out against another faction and bet money that you will win the battle. You and your faction will be teleported to an arena where you can battle to the death. The winner of the battle will receive the amount of money that they originally bet!
    • Tiered Spawners: Per high request, our spawners now come with tiers which upgrade their production rates. There are five tiers, each of which cost more money, and which produce mobs at even faster rates! To access this upgrade menu, simply click on a mob spawner while sneaking.

    • Iron Golem Spawners: We’ve added iron golem spawners to our in-game shop for purchase. You’ll surely rack up loads of money with these iron-producing mobs!

    • Mob Entities Stacker: Mobs now stack on top of each other for more convenience. This should make using mob spawners much more efficient!

    • Working Hoppers: We’ve added working hoppers, which allow the possibility to automate your mob spawners. This should be nice :eyes:

    • There is now more gear that can be found in CarePackages other than just Engrams.

    • Anti-Vanish PvP: When entering PvP, vanish will become automagically disabled!

    • Disposal: Use /dispose to dispose of the item you are holding in your hand.

    • /f allies command: allows you to see who your faction is allied with.

    • Arrows: now sellable in the shop!


    • Commencing war against another faction (/f war) now doubles the amount of power earned for killing faction members who you are at war with.

    • Death Inventory System: Items no longer drop; players are able to get the items from the body by clicking on it.

    • Kit Cooldowns Adjusted: Normal Kit - 30 minutes, VIP Kit - 2 hours, MVP Kit - 4 hours, Legend Kit - 6 hours, Titan Kit - 12 hours

    • Factions System: Members of a faction can now be kicked even if they’re not online.

    • Faction chat: The faction chat has been adjusted so that you can toggle this ability without having to type it out every time. Use /f chat to toggle faction chat on and off!

    • Custom Enchantments: Prices have been raised slightly for balancing purposes.

    • Clicking the NPC decoder rapidly to open more engrams than you actually have.

    • Being able to break/place faction claims if standing outside of the claim.

    • Custom enchantments/bosses being able to one-shot players when they had more health than displayed (visual error).

    • In-Game Time repaired; use /playtime to track the time you’ve played on VastLands!

    • Walking on slabs/carpets would randomly kill you when walking back-and-forth

    • Players would occasionally freeze/get stuck after opening an engram.

    • PvP system adjusted to deal accurate damage with custom enchantments

    • Nametags have been fixed across the server.

      From all of us here at VastLands, we hope that you enjoy the update! Be sure to give us feedback by replying to this thread. :D
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