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Official Factions is LIVE!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Assassind312, Jul 28, 2018.

  1. Assassind312

    Assassind312 Owner/Managing Director Staff Member Owner

    Hellooo VastLands players,

    The time has come for the release of our first game mode, factions! We’ve been working hard the past month in producing and developing this content for you all to enjoy, and the wait is now over! Join our servers to see our gorgeous new hub, along with our entirely custom factions game mode featuring some of the following things:

    Upon joining the server, you will be prompted to select a class of your choosing. We have five classes for you to choose from, all with a specific perk that will help you throughout your journey! Let us know which class you chose by replying to this thread!

    On VastLands factions, each player has their own power level! You can increase your power level by simply killing other players, killing bosses that spawn in the WarZone, completing quests and even by breaking/placing blocks! Increasing your power level also increases your faction’s overall power level.

    We’ve developed a custom Mob AI along with bosses that will automatically spawn in the WarZone! Kill bosses for loot and to increase your power level, but beware; bosses can strike fatal blows if you’re not wearing the right gear!

    Every two hours, you’ll find that CarePackages automatically drop into our WarZone. In CarePackages, you can find Engrams that come in different rarities. From common-exotic, they each contain some nice loot! To get those engrams decoded, simply take them back to the Crate Master at spawn for decoding! They will be decoded and you will receive whatever loot comes from them; it’s like winning the lottery!

    Have that naughty person you need taken out? Use /bounty or interact with our Bounty Hunter GUI to place a bounty on another player! Placing a bounty on another player will broadcast a message to all players on the server and will be viewable on our bounties menu, ensuring that someone will take out the targeted player with your preferred kill method! Or are you a bounty hunter yourself? Take a look at our bounties menu frequently to see who’s offering the most for a kill.

    Our auction house is available via our Auctioneer NPC or /ah! In our auction house, you’ll be able to place items up for sale to other players! Further, you can browse the auction house menu to see what items other players on the server have up for sale! It’s up to you to decide!

    Quests are also available via a NPC and a command, /quests! You’ll find that there are several quests available for you to complete. Each quest gives their own reward, but almost all give power level upon completion. Complete quests to increase your power level as well as get some other goodies!

    As I’ve mentioned numerous times, we’ve custom coded all of the features you’re seeing on our servers. With that in mind, we’ve came up with a unique factions management layout and some pretty cool features! At any time, you can use /f to view factions management or /f help if you need to see a list of commands at your disposal! We’ve got some custom goodies in store for you, along with a 4-rank design including: Leader, Officer Plus, Officer & Member. You’ll have access to more commands and more power as your faction officers may decide to promote you! A big part of your faction is your faction’s power level. Your faction’s power level is determined by adding all of the player power levels in your faction and dividing that number by the amount of people in your faction. Everyone is able to contribute to increasing their faction’s overall power level!

    Yes, we do have custom enchants as well! You can find them at spawn, of course, where you can click a NPC to find a list and what each does. There is a pretty hefty price on them, however!

    Raiding is going to be exciting with our custom creeper eggs! You’ll see that when you place an egg, a status bar will appear letting you know when the creeper is going to explode. It has never been easier!

    We will have rewards for our top three factions every season! These rewards are TBD, but there are some incentives to being a top faction other than pure bragging rights, of course!

    Yes! We’ve partnered with some fantastic YouTubers such as PatarHD123, EddieMCPE, GamingWithKen, Noahcraftreal and many more coming later down the road. You can play on our servers with some pretty amazing content creators; check out their videos!

    Lastly, we are running a 25% OFF SALE for a LIMITED TIME ONLY. Ranks, coins, engrams, etc. are all on sale. Get them cheaper while you can!

    This is just an introduction to some of the features that we’ve added for our season one release of factions; we will be continually adding new things as time progresses. Make sure to try out the server and give us any feedback on this thread. We hope you all enjoy the server!


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