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Official Discord Bots Submission

Discussion in 'Code Creations' started by Andre, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. Andre

    Andre Owner/Development Lead Staff Member Owner


    If you created a discord bot and would like to submit it to be used on VastLands please note
    that there is some limitation on what a bot can do.

    Those are as follows:

    - Bot must be related to VastLands! (Nothing extra..)
    - Bot can delete own message
    - Bots are treated as a player, the bot can see whatever the player can see
    - Bot
    commands must be enforced on the #bot-spam channel!
    - Bot cannot bind to "!" prefix
    - If the bot has an uptime <= 70%, it'll get auto-kicked.

    Thanks, and if you noticed something that's not on this list, you may reply to the thread below, and I'll double check and see.

    Ready to submit your bot? Be sure to follow the format
    and submit it over

    Bot Name:
    What does the bot do?:
    Utilizing VastLands API?:
    Bot Prefix?:
    Language bot is written in?:

    Once you post the thread, the community can vote on the thread (You may link it around), if it has a lot of votes, it'll get added. If our community supports it, we sure do :)

    If accepted,
    We'll contact you with some more requested information!

    Last edited: Sep 15, 2018

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