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Official August Update Summary

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Andre, Aug 31, 2018.

  1. Andre

    Andre Owner/Development Lead Staff Member Owner

    Helllllllllllo again!

    August was one of the months where we had the most submitted patches/ changes.
    All thanks to you guys! We were able to squash some game breaking bugs.

    Again, all the above is only for August, each month will bring
    its own change log and such!

    ▶ Changes
    ✚ Rewrote Factions Claiming system!
    ✚ Flying is no longer possible while in the war zone
    ✚ The Merchant now supports custom item name
    ✚ Increased chunk render distance and the speed of it
    ✚ Power Levels are now the total of all members members
    ✚ The Merchant is now selling Obsidian!
    ✚ "/f create" now opens the Creation Menu
    ✚ Added farming system
    ✚ Added "/power top"
    ✚ Kit duration decreased!
    ✚ You're now able to break spawners! (sneak+tap)
    ✚ Added vanilla levels
    ✚ Merchant now allows you to sell all
    ✚ Added a particle above CarePackages so that you know it's a CarePackage

    ▶ Bug Fixes
    ✚ Fixed cows not spawning in spawners
    ✚ Fixed AuctionHouse, not being able to buy items
    ✚ Fixed a bug in AuctionHouse where enchantments got lost!
    ✚ Fixed CarePackages getting lost after restarts
    ✚ Fixed an issue where Faction Leader+ can't execute certain allowed sub-commands
    ✚ Fixed an issue where Cow spawners took long to spawn!
    ✚ Fixed an issue where Skeleton spawners took long to spawn!
    ✚ Fixed an issue where Pig spawners took long to spawn!
    ✚ Fixed an issue where getting in "/v" would break nearby spawners!
    ✚ Fixed HUD not displaying
    ✚ Fixed an issue where the restart would not countdown
    ✚ Fixed a power level exploit
    ✚ Fixed "Top Factions NPC" not showing
    ✚ Fixed an issue where killed players would see the "Respawn" screen
    ✚ Fixed World Borders
    ✚ Fixed players getting reverted when moving
    ✚ Fixed an issue where Obsidian turning into something weird
    Fixed a bug where enchants would stack causing it to be unusable
    ✚ Renamed kits items to be more accurate.
    ✚ Fixed being able to "/tpa accept" again... and.. again...

    ▶ Global (The Network)
    ✚ Player Time Tracker! You can track your play time using "/pt"
    ✚ Added a feature where when a server goes down, you'll get sent to a balanced lobby
    ✚ Rank Purchases are now instant! You should get it as soon as you hop on VastLands

    ▶ Staff Application Requirements
    ✚ I've updated the requirements needed to apply for Staff. Be sure to check it out before applying.

    New changes on our Discord bot!

    Executing this above will show the user rank, coins, etc

    If you're in a faction,
    It should look something like this!

    ▶ That's all?

    Well, there's a whole lot more.
    For example, I've done plenty of work on VastLands BackEnd system, I was able to decrease the
    number of ram factions uses from (11.2GB), ̶w̶i̶t̶h̶ ̶o̶v̶e̶r̶ ̶(̶15K̶ ̶[̶+̶]̶ ̶c̶r̶e̶a̶t̶e̶d̶ ̶d̶a̶t̶a̶)̶ to a total of 534MB!
    That's really impressive. There have been a lot of changes that I cannot include on this changelog for the sake of it. It's all planned for September!

    I've also been getting a lot of requests regarding staff applications, for any
    inquires related to that, please take that over to @LaMiNaTionzZ - Our Staff Manager.
    Also, note that asking a staff member about the status of your application is an instant denied!

    ◣ You're almost there!◢

    Again, we'd like to thank the community, and you! for the support we've been getting. I look at every bug reports, and I appreciate it a lot, you guys have been supporting us since day #1, those that purchased ranks from our Shop, helped out new players, etc. Spread VastLands around! Let your friends know about us!

    And most importantly... keep in touch with us!
    Discord: Discord.VastLands.net

    Thanks for all the feedbacks!
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