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August change-logs

Discussion in 'Changlogs' started by Andre, Aug 13, 2017.

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  1. Andre

    Andre Owner/Development Lead Staff Member Owner

    Over the past weeks, I've worked/pushed a few patches to these following games above! Fixing all those annoying bugs!

    If you encounter a bug or any other issues while playing, be sure to report it at the appropriate section!

    Below is the list of the changes that I recently made:

    • Fixed an issue where the innocents would lose if the game time was over.
    • Fixed an issue where both the Murderer and the Detective role was impossible to get.
    • Fixed an issue where the game didn't update the player stats after finishing.
    • Added working scores.
    • Improved performance.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing lag spikes on (LOBBIES)

    • Fixed an issue with the shop/redesigned it.
    • Fixed an issue with team upgrades/redesigned it.
    • Fixed an issue where the game didn't update the player stats after finishing.
    • Improved performance
    • Fixed an issue where Yellow would show as dead (TEAM MODE)
    • Fixed an issue that was causing lag spikes on (LOBBIES)
    • Fixed an issue where the balance system would disconnect players if Lobby-1 was full.
    • Fixed an issue where VIP or above ranks would get kicked on full lobbies.
    • Daily rewards (active on all sub-servers under our Network)
    • Fixed an issue where ranks you bought wouldn't sync.
    • Boost performance, and fixed some memory leaks. [8/18/2017]
    • Added a fully working Lobby Balancer. [8/18/2017]
    • Fixed an issue where it would drop the server TOS upon creating a party
    Party System
    • Added a feature where any party message will be canceled if you have less than 1 members.
    • The "@" will no longer be shown in party messages.
    • Improved the transfer system, would make sure transferring the leader & members is the first priority!
    • Fixed an issue where players were stuck on parties if the leader disbands the party. [8/18/2017]
    • Added a feature where party members will automatically be placed on the same team. [8/18/2017]
    • Fixed an issue where players were getting an error while trying to leave a party [8/18/2017]
    • Improved the system a little bit!
    Silvia (Vastlands ANTI-CHEAT)
    • First introduced to Vastlands on Aug 11
    • Fixed an issue where it would detect high ping players as (hacking)
    • Notifies staff of possible hackers
    • Added more checks to it! (Way smarter)

    New Game Modes

    1. TNTRUN [8/18/2017]
    2. Simon Says [8/18/2017]
    These fixed above will sure make Vastlands more enjoyable! :D
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2017
  2. Thank u this is what I been waiting for lol
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  3. PandaClan

    PandaClan Newbie

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  4. rjackson2001

    rjackson2001 Senior Moderator Staff Member Senior Moderator

    And Yet Another Brilliant Update Great Work Andre!
    Andre likes this.
  5. Andre

    Andre Owner/Development Lead Staff Member Owner

    Changelog updated, be sure to check it daily!
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  6. YutoXYZ

    YutoXYZ Member

    -_- WHY! Andre, you missed something, where when you are in a party, but you are sent to a different waiting room than your party members, and you can't play with them.
  7. YutoXYZ

    YutoXYZ Member

    Oh, and the eggwars shop STILL needs improvement, because if no players are close enough to a base, you can't purchase items there anymore, because the signs go blank. I lost once because of that. And sometimes shop won't have diamond pick or wool for sale.
  8. YutoXYZ

    YutoXYZ Member

    I am not trying to be mean btw.
  9. Another new update brings more fun to play. YAY XD
  10. ZantTheKing

    ZantTheKing Member

    I was imprisoned before becuase i was in a party with my brother, good to know it's fixed :)
  11. Nova

    Nova Newbie

    When I was playing Bedwars or Skywars sometimes it shows that I am hacking
    And kicked me
    But in real I was not hacking so kindly please fixed that and sometimes It glitches which brings me back and also I am making a YouTube video of your servers so can you give me YouTube rank

    Thank you
  12. ZantTheKing

    ZantTheKing Member

    Well the anticheat I assume is still a WIP so there are most likely going to be things that need to be fixed. But do I think it does good.
  13. Shahad:)

    Shahad:) Newbie

    It will be nice if you can add bedwar's and build battle,
  14. Andre

    Andre Owner/Development Lead Staff Member Owner

    Change logs updated!
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  15. ElitePlaz

    ElitePlaz Newbie

    Can you stop the spawnkilling in eggwars.
  16. How do u suggest we do that?
  17. MrPvP

    MrPvP Active Member

    Zero on factions will enchnating me fixed
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