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  1. HeyItz_Mystic
    Hi, I'm back you guys :)
  2. LaMiNaTionzZ
    We're experiencing downtime unfortunately, give us some time to fix our servers and get everything back up and running smoothly.
  3. sophie scriven
    sophie scriven
    Why isn’t vastlands workig
  4. LaMiNaTionzZ
  5. Mobile Gaming GR
  6. Flawless_Noah
  7. LaMiNaTionzZ
    Hello Everyone!
  8. Salehen
    Salehen CocoCookie8586
    Hey Coco, it's been awhile. If you still play mcpe and if you are signed in to Xbox live, wanna meet up in mcpe? My Ign is TBNRSalehenYT, and maybe we can play a map together with Tracy, Aqua and cookie, it's been so long that I still have photos of you when you had Mod.
    1. CocoCookie8586
      Hi! I accidentally deleted minecraft and I can’t get it back without paying for some reason...
      Mar 7, 2018
  9. ZantTheKing
    <3 happy late Valentine's day
  10. CocoCookie8586
    CocoCookie8586 AquaOwlie
    How are you doing?
    1. AquaOwlie
      GREAT! We all miss you!!!
      Feb 16, 2018
  11. Mckenna
    Happy 1 year Zant!!
    1. ZantTheKing likes this.
    2. ZantTheKing
      Feb 15, 2018
  12. ZantTheKing
    4 days away from playing vastlands for a year! :)
  13. AquaOwlie
    AquaOwlie NateDoesStuff
    Happy birthday.
  14. Mckenna
    Y’all Go vote and Supporting Vastlands
  15. Jraz716
    Happy b-day Noah
  16. Flawless_Noah
    yay its my birthday ^-^
  17. Jraz716
    Getting carried by people in Bed wars is the best lol
  18. Jraz716
    Annoyed by the spam on Twitter about Trump visiting Blue Ash
  19. kand ralane
  20. FrostburnGohan