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Play custom Minecraft: Pocket Edition games only on Vastlands!

Greetings fellow Vastlands players,

This mass message was sent to EVERYONE regarding staff applications. I will only be reviewing applications that were made AFTER the merge between SkyCastia and Vastlands. That will be from the time stamp of January 14, 2018 and so on. If you have an application before that date please re apply, you have 1 week before these applications will be trashed and moved. This is to make sure that we have active staff members who we accept and not old members who have quit when Vastlands was no longer online. We thank you for your cooperation.

Remember play on!
Howdy guys!

It's finally here - Vastlands brand new major update. We've added a ton of awesome new game modes. We're extremely excited to bring this update to you guys.

▶ What's new in this update
  • Added BedWars Gamemode
  • Added Duels Gamemode
  • Added Skyblock Gamemode
  • All previous ranks for SkyCastia has been merged into Vastlands*1
▶ Bug Fixes
  • Fixed lag spikes
  • Games will now send you back to the lobby if an error occured
  • Fixed a bug where it wouldn't send you to a new game
  • /sell has been fixed for premium players (on skyblock)
  • Fixed island list GUI for skyblock
  • Punishment command for staff has been fixed
▶ Future Updates

We all understand how you all love SkyBlock, we're pushing to fix all the bugs and add new things to that minigame. We've got a big update coming very soon to Vastlands. Follow our twitter @VastLandsMC and join our discord group Discord.Vastlands.net

Remember Play On!

*1 - If for some reason you did not recieve your rank fill out a Purchase Support Ticket
Over the past weeks, I've worked/pushed a few patches to these following games above! Fixing all those annoying bugs!

If you encounter a bug or any other issues while playing, be sure to report it at the appropriate section!

Below is the list of the changes that I recently made:

  • Fixed an issue where the innocents would lose if the game time was over.
  • Fixed an issue where both the Murderer and the Detective role was impossible to get.
  • Fixed an issue where the game didn't update the player stats after finishing.
  • Added working scores.
  • Improved performance.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing lag spikes on (LOBBIES)

  • Fixed an issue with the shop/redesigned it.
  • Fixed an issue with team upgrades/redesigned it.
  • Fixed an issue where the game didn't update the player stats after finishing.
  • Improved performance
  • Fixed an issue where Yellow would show as dead (TEAM MODE)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing lag spikes on (LOBBIES)
  • Fixed an issue where the balance system would disconnect players if Lobby-1 was full.
  • Fixed an issue where VIP or above ranks would get kicked on full lobbies.
  • Daily rewards (active on all sub-servers under our Network)
  • Fixed an issue where ranks you bought wouldn't sync.
  • Boost performance, and fixed some memory leaks. [8/18/2017]
  • Added a fully working Lobby Balancer. [8/18/2017]
  • Fixed an issue where it would drop the server TOS upon creating a party
Party System
  • Added a feature where any party message will be canceled if you have less than 1 members.
  • The "@" will no longer be shown in party messages.
  • Improved the transfer system, would make sure transferring the leader & members is the first priority!
  • Fixed an issue where players were stuck on parties if the leader disbands the party. [8/18/2017]
  • Added a feature where party members will automatically be placed on the same team. [8/18/2017]
  • Fixed an issue where players were getting an error while trying to leave a party [8/18/2017]
  • Improved the system a little bit!
Silvia (Vastlands ANTI-CHEAT)
  • First introduced to Vastlands on Aug 11
  • Fixed an issue where it would detect high ping players as (hacking)
  • Notifies staff of possible hackers
  • Added more checks to it! (Way smarter)

New Game Modes

  1. TNTRUN [8/18/2017]
  2. Simon Says [8/18/2017]
These fixed above will sure make Vastlands more enjoyable! :D
Before you can apply for staffs, We've placed a requirement.
Those are:

1. Active on the forums. This includes helping other users, etc,
2. Knows about Vastlands, and the features it contains, links to almost everything.
3. Been playing on the Network for more than 2 weeks.
4. Has a twitter account (and is able to also download discord)

More information can be found HERE
Hey guys,

It's officially here - Vastlands brand new major update. We've added a ton of awesome new game modes. We're extremely excited to bring this update to you guys.

▶ What's in this update?

  • A new lobby map & info board.
  • EggWars release!
  • SurvivalGames release!
  • SkyWars release!
  • All new lobbies cosmetics, wardrobe
  • Lots of bugs fixed to lobbies, and some existing games.
  • New advantages for players with ranks!
  • Session system (You don't ever have to log-in again, after logging in for the first time)
  • Player Control Panel
  • Cosmetics Control Panel
▶ Wardrobe

You can now show your style while on lobbies! Get fancy all you want; and show off those pretty styles of yours. Introducing Vastlands Wardrobe.


Don't worry. There's a TON to choose from. You can active these at the cosmetics control panel!

▶ Particle effects

We notice they were not working, we fixed that issue and also patched up some bugs. Particles are now WAY better than before.


Choose the best ones to match your style. You can active these at the cosmetics control panel!

▶ Player Control Panel

We made some major changes to our lobby, this once makes the way you do things more easily... You can now make changes to your profile via an in-game control panel. Easy to use. Just follow the instructions.

▶ Cosmetics Control Panel

You can now add/remove or altered a cosmetics via the Cosmetics Control Panel. This makes things more easily and quickly to use.

▶ Lobby sessions

From now on, after you log-in. You don't ever have to log in again. We've created a session system that syncs in everything other Vastlands sub-servers needs. But again, we also improved our authenticated system, you"ll only be required to log-in if you're using a new device.

▶ Future of SkyWars & SurvivalGames and the Network

This update is a big step for Vastlands Network, it took us a lot of work to get here. Vastlands is constantly getting updates by me, I'm one of Vastlands Founder(s) and it's only Lead Developer. So far, I (We) achieved lots without help! However, that doesn't mean the work is over! We've absolutely loved your response so far and will continue to support and improve All games on Vastlands Network.

Your feedback/bug reports for the past few months has helps us a lot.

Follow us on Twitter to keep connected with us, everywhere you go! And for future updates! @VastlandsMC

What are you waiting for? Start grinding on Vastlands Network now!:D
Hey, there fellow Vastlands staff!
I have some important and urgent news to announce

We're switching our official staff hangout from Slack to Twitter.
We're now requiring all staffs to register themselves a Twitter account.

What do you mean by staffs?

- Trainee, Mods, SrMod, Admin

How to get started?

- Remove the Slack app on your mobile devices
- Download the Twitter app on either IOS or Android.
- Register an account

- When done, reply here with your TWITTER USERNAME, so we can continue
on adding you to our staff chat/team.

Again, this is URGENT

Before we begin, I want to let you know, that this thread is directed to donor ranked players!

So, assuming you've continued on, I will also adress you as a ranked player.
Since you've purchased your rank, whether it be VIP, MVP, LEGEND,
or TITAN, you've been entitled to some special perks and privileges.
All ranked players have access to the following:
/kit <rank name>

It is very important that these commands are not abused.
To make this very clear:

/fly is not permitted in minigames such as Murder Mysteries, and Bedwars. Nor is /fly permitted in Warzones in Factions and Kit PVP.
If you are flying in the wilderness, and you get combat tagged, you MUST DROP down untill you are out of combat.
This policy is taken very seriously among our team, and consequences get even more serious if you continue to abuse your priveleges.

You may use /nick for other players, **AS LONG AS THEY WISHED TO BE NICKED.
Please do not nick names that are longer than 20 characters due to spam.

Players with access to /v, MAY NOT:
PVP in vanish
•Vanish other players who don't wish to be vanished
•Raid in vanish

Abuse of the following will result in a temporary ban.

Also, you set a role model for other players, so please don't encourage rule breaking, etc.

We hope you enjoy your time on Vastlands, and Happy Belated Easter!

Much love,
The Vastlands Staff Team <3
Unbanned unfairly? Appeal here!
Purchase issues? Report here!
Lonely and need a friend? Chat here!
Found a bug? Report it here!
Reporting a player? Report it here!
Hello there!

I'm very proud to say that Vastlands has been updated to support
MCPE: 1.0.5
A ton of bugs have been fixed, we"ll list them below.

- Huge performance increase
- Skin glitched fixed
- Floating text particle bug fix
- Server up time bug fixed.

Thank you for playing on Vastlands! Stay tune for more updates
coming from the request section, bug fixed, and more!​
Official March's Updates
Hey there! ​
For the following month(s). We've been adding new updates, and mostly suggestions that was submitted by you guys, we've also fixed a ton of bugs on Vastlands.​

Lobby updates
  1. TNT Cool down reduced, we felt like 20 seconds was too harsh, so we reduced it to 5 seconds.
  2. We've added a new chat system, which blocks spammers, and you can't send the same message twice to avoid spam. But again, If you have a rank, you can bypass it.
  3. Added Music Box - As a cosmetic (march 5)
  4. Treasure messages now appear as a TIP, instead of a message (causes too much spam!)
▶ Murder Mystery updates

  1. Fixed spectator bug
  2. Performance changes, games is more smoother
  3. Added sandbox to the waiting lobbies.
  4. Leader board system added
  5. Added the ability to (go back to lobby) by right clicking the bed which is located in your hot bar
▶ Everything else

  1. We've added a new Administration command system, which does a lot of things, and helps Vastlands staff deal with players, reports, mutes, bans, and more.
What can I do to help you?

If you found a bug or exploit, you can always report it here (forum.vastlands.net) at the appropriate of course, on Vastlands, we care about your suggestions, and ideas. That's mainly why you can now make suggestions about new game modes, features, and lot more! The forum purpose is to serve & help you guys, and to make Vastlands a better place! To continue, you can support us by also buying ranks, perks, and other various things at Shop.Vastlands.net ~ all purchases towards Vastlands shop is being used to make Vastlands a more (improved server). We're expanding and growing everyday, with the help of you guys, we can expand even more.

Follow us on twitter: @VastlandsMC​

Thank you,
xZeroMCPE ~ Owner \ Lead Developer of VastlandsMC

I, and the rest of Vastlands would like to thank you, for your part of contribution

Hello there!

In this thread, I will be listing the general rules of playing on our network, and will prevent you from getting banned if you follow them! If everybody follows these rules, the server will be an overall, clean environment! Please note, that PVP Rules, and Chat Rules apply to basically each and every gamemode we have on our network!
PVP & Kit PVP & Arena Brawl Rules

These rules, apply only in combat. (Except for the banned usage of hacked clients (hacks), which apply for every single gamemode. **Some of these rules apply only for ranked players!

  • Fly PVPing is not allowed, and can be severely punished if caught several times. **A suggestion would be to toggle /fly off by using the command: /flying before entering combat.
  • PVPing in vanish mode, is not permitted. **TITANS, please make sure to toggle /v off before entering combat, and if you vanished a faction mate, then please toggle it off for them as well.
  • Hacking - The usage of HACKED CLIENTS are not permitted on any gamemode within the network! (Whether it be kill aura, flying clients, bunny hop, X-RAY, speed, tracers, etc.) If you are caught using any HACKED CLIENTS, you will be automatically banned! Don't do it!
  • Using /afk while in combat is not permitted. The warzone is not a place to leave the keyboard/device! Go and fight! After 1 warning, if caught again, you will be temporarily banned from the gamemode.
  • Combat TPing is not permitted. Don't try and use /spawn, /f home, /home <name>, /wild, etc. to save you from certain death! Accept your fate, and if timed correctly, you can use /back and cleanup your opponent right after you respawn! You will be temporarily banned, if caught multiple times using it!
Factions Rules (Anarchy & Classic)
  • If you find a bug/glitch, do not abuse the glitch, report it to the forums or a staff member. If caught abusing bugs/glitches, you will be punished.
  • Duping is ABSOLUTELY not allowed. Duping is taken seriously on our network, as previous experiences resulted in a couple of staff members being removed from the team. If you discover a dupe glitch, report to the forums so our developer can fix it ASAP!
  • Power Grinding is not allowed. If you do not know how to do it, you don't need to know. If you do know how to do it, don't do it. If you are caught power grinding, you will be punished.
  • Just to clarify to the newer Factions players, SCAMMING is allowed! So is TP Trapping. Please do not use /report to report a player for TP Trapping or Scamming you! Factions is all about that, and so are we!
Chat Rules

  • Swearing is allowed, as long as it isn't used as a tool for cyber bullying. The swear word may be filtered if it is considered vulgar on it's own.
Report anything listed below to a staff member that is online:
  • Racism is not OK. Don't be that guy!
  • Being homophobic, is not OK.
  • Suicidal Encouragement is a NO.
  • Spamming.... UGH just don't.
  • Please (ranked players) do not nickname players who do not wish to be nicked. Also, please refrain from nicking players any vulgar names.
  • Staff Disrespect - Please do not disrespect the staff team, we are working our hardest to make sure you have a fun time on Vastlands!
  • Advertising other servers, is strictly bannable. Don't do it!
If you are caught doing anything under those categories will most likely result in a mute. In extreme cases, a temporary ban.
Prison Rules
  • Duping is ABSOLUTELY not allowed. Duping is taken seriously on our network, as previous experiences resulted in a couple of staff members being removed from the team. If you discover a dupe glitch, report to the forums so our developer can fix it ASAP!
  • Cheating - Cheating as in, getting your friends to tp you to a mine that you have not yet unlocked. Play legit, and work your way up!
  • Ranked Players may not use /fly to access prisons. Please do not fly out of the map.
  • If you find a bug/glitch, do not abuse the glitch, report it to the forums or a staff member. If caught abusing bugs/glitches, you will be punished.

Congratulations! Now you know how to keep our server clean! Just follow these rules, and you'll do great! Once you've completely aced all of these rules, and you think you'll be able to be the one that enforces them, try applying for staff here using the correct application format! Stay safe, and have fun!

The Vastlands Staff Team