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Before we begin, I want to let you know, that this thread is directed to donor ranked players!

So, assuming you've continued on, I will also adress you as a ranked player.
Since you've purchased your rank, whether it be VIP, MVP, LEGEND,
or TITAN, you've been entitled to some special perks and privileges.
All ranked players have access to the following:
/kit <rank name>

It is very important that these commands are not abused.
To make this very clear:

/fly is not permitted in minigames such as Murder Mysteries, and Bedwars. Nor is /fly permitted in Warzones in Factions and Kit PVP.
If you are flying in the wilderness, and you get combat tagged, you MUST DROP down untill you are out of combat.
This policy is taken very seriously among our team, and consequences get even more serious if you continue to abuse your priveleges.

You may use /nick for other players, **AS LONG AS THEY WISHED TO BE NICKED.
Please do not nick names that are longer than 20 characters due to spam.

Players with access to /v, MAY NOT:
PVP in vanish
•Vanish other players who don't wish to be vanished
•Raid in vanish

Abuse of the following will result in a temporary ban.

Also, you set a role model for other players, so please don't encourage rule breaking, etc.

We hope you enjoy your time on Vastlands, and Happy Belated Easter!

Much love,
The Vastlands Staff Team <3
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